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Full Vacancy

The morning started much later than we had planned. We had a hearty breakfast of rope and steep inclines. We were about to check into a beautiful hotel surrounded by a lush forest, offering tranquility and mediocre room service.

The entrance approached us much faster than expected. We turned the corner around one patch of forest revealing the half camouflaged walls of the majestic Maya Hotel, embraced in the green vines of Mother Nature.

Walking through the grand entrance and into the hotel lobby we were very pleased with the décor. However we heard voices…other guests perhaps?

We climbed to the upper level to check out the ballroom. However, the only entertainment was a masterpiece displayed by some unknown artist. It looked like it was a long running exhibition.

We continued to hear voices, and my friend pops around the corner and says he just saw something. My heart stops!. Turns out there were other guests– some cosplay models and a photographer. Phew! They turned out to be really friendly too.

The upper floor was a grand display of broken window panes, crumbling walls and a few scattered relics. My favorite aspect of the whole hotel was the crumbling grey cement framing the shattered windows that the green forest was determined to invade.

This and the artistry the sun painted through the reflections of broken glass.

After a bit of exploring I headed back down to the lobby area. I decided to pop in at the reception desk.

The Maya Hotel ceased serving guests in 1970. But it wasn’t abandoned until 1994, up until then it was used as a student seminar center by a local university. Being forgotten for 18 years has allowed its beauty to fully develop into something that felt like walking into a world created by the famed animator, Hayao Miyazaki.

A few more shots of the lobby floor and I decided to check out the guest rooms.

The Maya hotel is interesting in that it is built on a mountain side. The lobby floor is really the hotel’s third level. The fourth level has the ballroom and the lower levels have the guest rooms.

I headed down a dark stairwell and the enchanted beauty of the open upper levels slowly faded into haunted hallways. I wasn’t sure if the carpet on the floor was dissolving or if it was accumulated dirt and dust. The rooms were empty and the hallways filled with eerie soft glows of sunlight.

I continued to the first level of the hotel. The guest rooms on this floor were Japanese style with tatami floors and traditional fixtures– or rather would have had tatami floors and traditional fixtures. This level was in the poorest condition, closest to the earth so possibly the first to return to it. Besides me almost falling through the floor at one point, my imagination liked to wander towards creepy Japanese horror movie themes with gloomy girls in white dresses and black hair draped over their faces standing at the end of hallways.

Leaving the poltergeists in their slumber I headed back up to the lobby level and took a few more pictures.

My companions and I grew hungry, and since the hotel’s kitchen was closed we decided it was time to say farewell to the enchanted hotel in the forest.


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